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School Closures Due to Dangerous Weather

Dangerous weather may require a school, or school district, to close. This guide helps you communicate decisions to all stakeholders.

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Misinformation Distributed on Social Media

Misinformation distributed on social media can have a lasting impact unless you act swiftly and decisively to correct it.


Misinformation Distributed by News Media

Misinformation distributed by the media can have a lasting impact on your organization unless you act swiftly and decisively to correct it.


Incident that Results in Casualties

Every organization operates with the possibility that an accident could occur that results in casualties and how you communicate is critical to your future viability as an organization.


Incident that Resulted in Injuries

Following an accident that results in injuries, communicate effectively to keep others safe and respond with care for stakeholders.

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Physical Threat to the Organization

When staff, clients, or facilities are in danger, it is critical to respond and communicate as quickly and accurately as possible.