Crisis Communications Planning - TCW Academy Course

Prepare Your Crisis Communication

Be prepared to communicate to all stakeholders during an emergency or crisis

In this course, you will:

  • Understand how to develop an effective crisis communications plan,
  • Identify personnel to serve on your team & key stakeholders,
  • Develop detailed communications solutions for possible emergency scenarios,
  • Create message templates & distribution materials, and
  • Prepare media response strategies.

Additional Resources

typing on laptop

Use Microsoft Editor for Spelling and Grammar Support

For those of you fortunate enough to have an editor on your team who checks for spelling and grammar, you probably won’t benefit much from this post.

However, for all of you who are operating as a team of one or two, it is critical that all of your writing efforts undergo a review that – at a minimum – checks spelling and grammar before it is distributed. No matter how experienced a writer you are, a review will be beneficial.

If you do not have an editor on staff, there are useful tools available to help do the job. Microsoft Editor is one of those tools.

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A Complaint Management System to Turn a Critic Into an Advocate

Every organization has their critics and must have a complaint management plan to prevent a critic from becoming a crisis.

Sometimes, criticism is warranted. But if we’re being honest, organizations don’t always receive complaints that are warranted, or even sane.

But whether or not we believe a complaint (or the complainer) to be reasonable and rational, we must come to an internal agreement in our organization on a complaint management system. Use these 10 keys to develop and implement an effective complaint management system to turn a critic into an advocate.

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