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Interpersonal Communications Basics

Interpersonal communication is the process by which information, messaging, emotions, and meaning are exchanged between two people through verbal and non-verbal methods. It is face to face communication but it’s about much more than what is actually said – it’s about body language, facial expressions, hand gestures, tone of your voice, and other variables that influence the message that you are delivering.

Interpersonal communication is a large part of the foundation for everything else that you wish to accomplish. It’s not only professional communicators who must possess these skills but any person who interacts with others throughout the course of their day professionally or personally. By improving your interpersonal communication skills, you will be better able to engage in productive conversations, you will be more respected because you are an effective and attentive listener, and you will find that you will spend a lot less time correcting communication malfunctions that resulted in undesired outcomes.

It’s important to have foundational knowledge of the parts of interpersonal communication and ways we can leverage that knowledge so we may become more effective communicators in our personal and professional lives.