About Us

The Communications Workshop is now offering all of our decades of guidance and training through the online TCW Academy!

Welcome to the Top Spot for Communication Training and Resources!

For more than two decades, The Communications Workshop, LLC (TCW) has been a leader in providing extensive internal and external communication training, guidance, media prep and communication planning for organizations – large and small. 

Now, TCW is offering all of our decades of guidance and training through the online TCW Academy!

The platforms may change, new technology creates new opportunities (and challenges), and the risks evolve, but TCW remains grounded in long-standing communication principles including transparency, trust, empathy, and clarity to help organizations navigate every challenge and take full advantage of every opportunity. Whether organizations require quick consultation, plan development, or comprehensive training, TCW has been on the scene – working with CEOs, communication leaders, and staff throughout the organization to enhance skills and amplify your good news.

Online Training

TCW has long provided exemplary in-person training on communications planning, crisis communications, internal communications, media relations, and more. 

Now, our courses can be accessed from the comfort of your office or living room sofa through our online academy!

We know you and your teams are busy, so we took our multi-day training courses and broke them into “mini-sessions” so they may be accessed during lunch, between meetings, and in preparation for an upcoming communications challenge. These courses have been built, modified, and enhanced over the course of decades while working with organizations in all fields and learning from their experiences. Now you can benefit from all that work done to this point!

Communication Guides

Our online courses will help all employees develop skills to become more effective communicators, but your organization will benefit from guidance as you develop communication plans. For every challenge, opportunity, project, or unforseen event – you must develop a comprehensive communications plan.

Our scenario-based guides provide everything your organization needs to begin your plan including:

  • Extensive talking points
  • Detailed Communication Strategies for Email, Social Media, and More
  • Email Templates for Faster Messaging
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Links to Additional Resources

Simply plug in your organization’s unique details and execute your plan!

Top Resources for Any Professional

Whether you are your organization’s top communicator, the CEO, an educator or a professional in any role, it is essential that you are an effective communicator. TCW provides free resources and information to stay at the top of your craft.

Resources, insights white papers, studies, and strategies are continually developed by our communication pros and added to the TCW Academy website so check back often!